Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hello. My name is ____________

I have always dreamed about staying at home with my daughter and becoming a craft blogger while my husband is out earning the big bucks for our family. My dream has finally come true (minus the big bucks). We moved out to the Midwest from the Pacific Northwest 3 weeks ago, my office is officially set up, and some crafting has been produced.

I have big ambitions for this blog and for my impending crafty life, but I need to start one step at a time. In addition to a love of sewing, knitting, creating, and general craftiness, my life is also consumed by my daughter and our family's love for nature. We live on a residential camp, so my daughter is officially a camp kid. Look for crafts inspired by her, my husband, and the beautiful natural surroundings that I get to see every day.

So, this is my official introduction. I am Maleah, another woman set out to conquer the world, one craft at a time. I have lofty goals and homemade intentions, but I know that sometimes life will get in the way. Stop by soon for more projects, original tutorials, testing patterns and more!

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  1. Maleah - I love your new blog! You need to figure out how to sell some of your stuff though and then it will be complete. I love the plastic bag raincoat - very creative!