Sunday, November 7, 2010

One-size Diaper Cover

One of the biggest adjustments I am making in my new midwestern life is the fact that I can't have anything I want at any time. I got very used to city living and being able to walk to the fabric store whenever I had a project that was missing something. Now I actually have to plan!

I finally finished my sneak peek from last weekend: a one-size diaper cover. I was missing a key ingredient - button hole elastic. Button hole elastic is my weakness. I think I can write an entire post about this elastic.

The diaper was super simple. I found my favorite pocket one-sized diaper, traced it onto water-proof PUL fabric and cut one cotton print to match. I sewed it together, turned it inside out, top stitched 1/2" around to create the elastic casing, added snaps to the front and sides, and voila!

To make the diapers adjustable, and therefore one size fits (most), I needed to get some 3/8" button hole elastic which I found on ebay. I did make one lame error in these diapers: next time, I need to sew the button holes before I sew the PUL fabric to the cute cotton fabric.
But who can say this isn't one of the cutest baby bottoms around?

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