Thursday, April 7, 2011

Faux Back Pockets Mini Tutorial

Sora officially has enough dresses, although I'm sure that won't stop me from sewing more soon. I thought I would take a break and sew her some pants. She has a few jeans, but none that she can put on herself which is very important to her these days. I love a good upcycle, so I took an old pair of my jeans and used them with this pattern to make pants for Sora. I made front pockets using the existing pocket front from my pants with this idea, but wanted to make some faux back pockets as well. 

I drew a pattern on some spare fabric until I came up with the right shape and size and cut out 2 in jean material and 2 in lining fabric. I sewed them together, leaving a 1" opening in the top and turned it inside out. Iron, and place pin in hole.

Next, I topstitched the curvy part and pinned it onto the back pants.

I topstitched the top edge while sewing it onto the pants. I sewed it twice to make sure it was reinforced.

For authenticity, I took a button off of my old jeans and sewed it onto the flap. I thought about making a buttonhole, but that was too much work.

Adorable! Here are the new jeans in all their glory.


Insert squirmy toddler and I'll be all set!

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