Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer of (non) Craftiness

About 9 weeks ago, we left the beautiful state of Wisconsin for an epic road trip! I spent 8 weeks on the road, living out of my Jeep Cherokee with my daughter and husband, mostly in Washington visiting family. We are finally back from our trip and I am ready to resume my formerly crafty life.

Before we left, I tried some silkscreening for the first time. I love it and am hooked.
 It was way easier than I expected and have several designs floating in my head for my next silkscreen project.

On the drive, when I wasn't busy entertaining Sora or Kyle, which took most of my time, I did sneak in a little craftiness. I knit a doll and hat for a baby shower.

 And I finished a quilt for my upcoming niece or nephew.
Sora loved all of the fabrics in this quilt, so she might need a quilt of her own soon!

Since we've been back, we've been busy with house projects and settling into our "old" life. Sora's room is painted, so I have a lot of crafting to do to finish the desired look!

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