Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tot School: Y is for Yarn

One of my first crafting loves was knitting. In fact, I've been so obsessed with knitting this week that I haven't had any finished products to blog about.

I've also been struggling a little with the intended outcome of our tot school. I'm sure I'm over thinking things, but I really don't think I need to be forcing Sora to learn her alphabet or numbers at 2. I do want her to have fun and a little structure in addition to her usual free play, especially since a formal preschool is not really in her future. I know she loves doing our "projects", so for now I'm backing off a little on the letter focus, although still playing the games and doing the projects we have been doing. I'm also going to try to incorporate more imagination into our tot school.

What better way to start then pretending to sheer a sheep, wash its wool, then spin it on my spinning wheel. This toy is mine, so Sora never gets to play with it and was very excited to have a turn. I think she was frustrated that she was just pretending while when I did it, it actually worked.

 Sora also made corn prints and made her own deviled eggs. She loves eggs and did almost every step herself: putting the eggs gently into the pot, covering with water, turning the burner on, and peeling an egg. I peeled most of them, otherwise there wouldn't have been any intact to make into deviled eggs! She picked out the mustard with a taste test (she preferred plain over brown) and helped mix the yolks and put the deviled into the eggs. She also loved eating the eggs.

 Afterward, she did all of her dishes. She loved this part too and now wants to help every time I wash dishes.

 She made a stand up sheep by gluing cotton balls to a folded sheep cut out.

 And rolled dice to glue pieces onto her farm scene.

We also made a game with the dice from one of the farm printables. She wasn't too interested in the game this week, but I think she will like it more as time goes on.

Of course, every time I knit this week, Sora did too.

 She gave her mermaid a bath,
 which quickly turned into her doing her own dishes,

 and pretty soon, everything washable in her entire kitchen was involved. As was a lot of pouring water from container to container.

 It was a perfect segue into her helping mop the floors. Sora worked on a lot of practical life skills this week.

For trays this week, Sora had (from top left): memory game (farm related pictures), buttons to string by color onto pipe cleaners, sorting pictures and letters (with 4 different letters that we have recently done), farm magnet book from last week, and farm magnets on a magnet board.

We ended the week with a long power outage, so we went to town more than we had planned to stay occupied (and warm).

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  1. It looks like a great week, and I love your trays. I always found that the tray kind of work was a huge hit with my son when he was 2; much more so than actually learning something specific... just something to do with his hands - he always loved that! I agree that there's no need to push formal learning at this time, unless you see an interest in something, then go for it. She has years ahead of her to learn everything she needs to know, what she probably loves right now is just spending time with mama!! Great post. :)