Friday, October 15, 2010

Grocery Bag Raincoat

I have always been fascinated at the many uses of an ordinary plastic grocery bag. I'm sure that all of the relatives that helped us pack up all of our belongings thought I was crazy to bring my huge stash of plastic bags across the country with me, so I had to put it to good use quickly to show how brilliant I am.

Despite having lived in the Pacific Northwest, Sora doesn't have a rain jacket. Although she probably won't need it much now that we're in the Midwest, I decided to rectify that while at the same time using the plastic bags by making her a grocery bag rain jacket.

I used rubber ducky flannel to line the jacket, so I added a rubber ducky applique (also out of plastic bags).

And, while hard to see, there is a pocket for Sora to put all her favorite outdoor finds in, which currently include rocks, sticks, and leaves.

No rain jacket would be complete without a bill to keep the rain from running in Sora's eyes!

I finished the jacket off by adding velcro so that Sora can take it off at any time all by herself. This seems to be a popular feature, because I can't keep it on long enough for a photo shoot. She likes taking it off and trying to put it back on herself.
I feel that I should add some type of disclaimer about using plastic bags around babies and suffocation so you don't think I'm completely neglectful, but I'm sure that you're smart enough to use your best judgement when it comes to what is safe for your own child.

Look for a tutorial on the jacket coming soon!


  1. Hey Maleah! How do I "vote" for you in Crafting with the Stars? I don't see your name on the list!

  2. very creative on the coat. I love it. and I like the crafting with the stars blog. I'm going to make the fabric pumkins this weekend.

  3. So impressed with this work of art!!! Brilliant!!