Monday, November 22, 2010

Family of Felts

I am a sucker for matching my daughter. It all stems from my mom's cheesy family photos, I think. Since we've moved to the midwest, I've noticed I have a severe lack of hats that properly cover my ears, and I have absolutely no matching hats with Sora.

This was the fastest hat ever! I took a hat that fits well, laid it on top of an old pre-felted sweater, and cut out the approximate shape, with a 1/2" extra. Then, I sewed it together on my sewing machine. The big trick, which has been a problem of mine in the past, is that when working with felted sweaters, you have to loosen the tension! With that under my hat, the sewing was a breeze.  For the square hat, I used the serger instead, again loosening the tension.
I have been loving hand embroidery lately, so the little chicks were the perfect addition to the hats.

Sora threw my hat into the toilet right after I finished them, and I was reminded of another important point. My hat was a little lumpy and funky, but after a good wash, while it was still wet, I placed it on a head-sized bowl, and was able to smooth out the bumps. Who knew that having a hat thrown into the toilet could be a good thing?

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