Friday, November 26, 2010

Re-Upcycled Hat

As you might realize by now, I love to recreate existing items into new, fresh clothes. I get really excited when I get to make something from an old object headed for the garbage, but I rarely get to do it twice!

Last spring, I took an old cashmere sweater of my mothers and created a sweater for Sora (and yes, I have the same sweater in a different color).
 Like all wardrobes of growing toddlers, this sweater was great for a season, but she is now much too big for it. I was being silly by putting it on my head the other day, and realized it would be the perfect hat!

I think I am officially obsessed with turning sweaters into hats.

You also might realize by now that holiday decorations aren't big at our house, so I haven't made anything specific for Thanksgiving. Hopefully I will be more inspired for the next upcoming holiday!

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