Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Perfect Training Panties

After working more with the WeeWeka Knickers pattern, I think I have made nearly perfect training panties for Sora. I took her input on what designs she'd like (S and elephant) and she loves them!

For a 2T, I cut 1/2" off all the sides and off the top of the back. I also cut the front about 3/4" in the middle and rounded out to nothing at the sides (like a J). The waist and legs are 2" ribbing, 9" for the legs and 14" for the waist. For the lining, I used 1 layer of microfiber (from an old cloth diaper). Just the right amount of absorbency. I stitched the microfiber to the lining fabric (zigzag stitch) and stitched the lining to the outside using the zigzag as well, which made a nice pattern to the panties.

Somebody stop me - I am apparently addicted to sewing panties! Yeah for potty training!

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