Friday, March 25, 2011

Training Pants

For Sora's birthday last month, she got some Gerber training pants from Target. I love them, but when I went online to get more, I couldn't find the girly prints! I'm not sure if they are being discontinued, but Target's online selection was very limited. Since we live so far from any store, I can't just run around town looking for them, and the three pairs we have might  not last until laundry time, so I decided to make my own.

I used the Wee Weka Pull-on Training Knickers pattern and then sized them down using the Gerber pants as a guide. I cut off 1/2" from both sides on the front and back and they seem to be the same size as the 2T Gerber pants now. I used terry cloth as an insert, but will definitely use microfiber for the next ones. And as much as I love the boy shorts look, I think I will be cutting the legs a little higher on the next pair.

Overall though, it's a great pantie and Sora happily wore them all morning (until she decided that nothing is better than being naked).

Link to the .pdf file of the pattern: Wee Weka Knickers

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