Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Art Smock: Lessons Learned

I am embarrassingly horrible at removing stains from our clothes. It seems like it should be some big secret that comes with marriage or children, but it hasn't yet. Instead of letting Sora ruin all of her shirts with watercolor, I sewed an art smock instead! It seems like I make an annoying mistake in every project, so I thought I would start to chronicle them here in order to learn from them (and for your benefit as well). 

I used a tutorial (which now I can't find of course!) and didn't read the directions carefully (typical). The front looked great.
 The back looked funky - I didn't cut enough fabric off of the pattern I modified from the front! I had to do some seam ripping and resewing to make it look normal.
 And of course, while she's not doing art in the smock, it doubles as part of her fairy costume.

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