Monday, August 22, 2011

Quick and Easy Bean Bags

 This past week I have been preparing for an end to our 10 week summer vacation. We start our "real life" again on Monday and Sora goes back to our tot school. I found a great tot school year plan and decided to piggyback on the amazing ideas. Having a plan has made the preparations for the fall so much easier! I'm excited for our first three units and everything is squared away for the first month. Looking at some activities for Sora, I decided to finally make some bean bags. During her nap, I've been able to make 5 bean bags! Someday I'm sure she'll get 5 more to complete the set, but for now, 5 sounds perfect to me!

The dots did get lost on the dot fabric... maybe not the best choice for this project. I stuffed them with rice, since I already had some. Not sure how well that will hold up, but hopefully it will work for a while.

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