Monday, September 5, 2011

A Girl and Her Dolls

My mother thinks that every little girl needs a doll to play with. My husband thinks that my daughter doesn't need any more toys (or at least not to spend money on more toys). I think they're both right. Sora had a doll that she lost this summer, but didn't even realize it was missing. I took that as a sign that maybe I shouldn't buy her another one (although I keep getting those emails from Zulily and they always have toys I want for Sora - I finally had to unsubscribe because it was making me into a raging consumer that I typically am not). 

Anyway, in an effort to make everyone happy, I decided to sew some dolls for Sora.

Shirley, Emily, and Marabelle

I sewed Shirley for Sora two years ago, but she hasn't been interested in her until recently. We finally started naming Sora's dolls for her since if it were up to her they would all be named Annie. Shirley (until recently known as "the black doll" - not sure why exactly) is from the Black Apple doll pattern. Emily and Marabelle are based on this pattern. I wanted them to be able to wear clothes, so used flesh colored fabric for their entire bodies. Marabelle is from recycled felted sweaters and Emily is from flannel.

Sora is a big fan.

Her bed is getting crowded.

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