Monday, September 19, 2011

Stain: Meet Your Match (or More Adventures in Silkscreening)

I had some photo emulsion goo left over from my silkscreen adventures this spring, so I invited some of my favorite crafty friends, Beth and Gretchen to help me use it all up! I made the goo stretch over 6 screens, so we spent the morning, in between supervising four crazy kids and socializing, preparing our screens for printing. I made a huge miscalculation on how long it takes the screens to dry and how long four kids can happily play together, so we saved printing for another day, just happy to have our screens prepped and beautiful.

I used this tutorial to make the screens, using frames from the thrift store ($.50 each) and blue tape to secure the screens to the frames. The last time, I used wide name brand tape which was amazing. This time, I used thinner dollar store tape which did not work out very well. It should still be functional, but much less pretty.
Okay, so not pretty, but functional (hopefully).

Are you still with me? I am terrible at laundry. I still blame my mother for doing all of my laundry while I lived at home. Freshman year at college was a big shock (what do you mean reuse my towels?!). Anyway, I've gotten better, and I recently discovered bleach which has made a huge difference, but there are still a lot of stains on clothes. Did you know, for example, that watercolor paints stain clothes? You would think that would just wash out, but no. Here is an example of a watercolor paint incident vs. Sora's pink shirt. Notice that the watercolor paint has won.

 Since it's small, I had the brilliant idea of using my newly prepared silkscreen to cover the stain.
 I lined it up, and voila! No more stain.
I think it's pretty cute too. My mind is swirling with all of the clothing that potentially needs dandelions printed on it... I'll try to contain my excitement and wait for the ladies before testing my other screen. And ladies, the next step takes 5-10 minutes tops. I promise!

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  1. We're looking foward to it! :) Hopefully no more meltdowns! By the way, sorry about that!