Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tot School: M is for Monkey, Z is for Zebra

After being slightly disappointed in our local zoo, we headed to a larger zoo further away for another tot school field trip. Sora actually fed the animals, which totally surprised me.

 Somehow I neglected to take any pictures of our "M is for Monkey" week! The highlights included a lot of 5 little monkey variations, with the felt board version being the most popular. We got a Monkey Felt kit from the library which also had a cute felt story about a monkey who drew a picture for his mom and then all the other animals told him to change it and it ends up looking silly. Sora was a big fan. We did thumbprint monkeys in trees and Sora loved doing it all by herself. Even the 13 mo. old that we watch one day a week joined in on the fun.

For Z is for Zebra week, Sora decided everything with stripes was zebra.

Here she is using some pompom magnets to do counting on our magnet board.
 This is part of our general zoo themed activity kit that we did all month. Sora was surprisingly good at deciding who ate what.
 Sora is finally starting to get better fine motor skills and really enjoyed using the mini-clothes pins on these cards.
 Using the magnet page with buttons.
Matching heads and tails. This was cute, but there were only 3 animals, so it wasn't very challenging.
 Coloring in her zoo tot book.
 Matching zebra colors in the pocket chart.
 Gluing stripes on a Z. One of her favorite activities all week.
So there's our past two weeks in a nutshell. The trays were a little lackluster and she was totally over the sensory bin. We're switching to a farm theme tomorrow and I think we're both ready for a change!

M is for Monkey and Z is for Zebra from COAH
Zoo Tot Activities from 2 Teaching Mommies

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  1. So cute!! I'll have to check out the who ate what page.

  2. Lots of fun!

    Our local zoo isn't that great either. But it's definitely better than the zoo we had in Guam. LOL

  3. Fun!! We finish up our Zoo unit this next week with Z is for Zebra too. I'm done with zoo....but I'm thinking when we are at the city next we may stop and see the zoo, we will see how ambitious I am. :) Excited to see what is coming up for farm theme!

  4. I love your head matching game. My son isn't a big fan of puzzles, but these may strike his interest. We are doing our farm days, so I may have to make some! Thanks for sharing!

    PS - I made my kids the cutest zebra costume, so even though it is farm week, they have been running around pretending my house is a zoo =)