Thursday, October 27, 2011

Toddler Book Shelf Tutorial

Now that Sora no longer naps, I have been looking for creative solutions to keep her more occupied in her room during quiet time. I saw some great book shelves on pinterest that showed the front of books rather than the sides and I loved the idea. There was much discussion about how hard Sora might be on the shelves, whether she would try to climb or hang on them, or just plain rip them off the wall. Only time will tell how she does with them, but I decided to go the cheapest, easiest route possible just in case they don't last very long.

After seeing a lot of ideas and consulting my dad and father-in-law, I chose to go with an L shaped molding. It was 8' for only $6.50. It was 1"x1" L. I also picked up a 1/16" dowel (4' for $.25). So, the grand total for two 4' shelves was $7 (plus nails, glue and spray paint).  I had the guys at the hardware store cut my molding in half for me so there was minimal work to do at home. I took some wood glue and glued the dowel along one edge, securing with clips until it dried.

Next, I spray painted the shelves and had my handy husband nail it to the wall.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! He used a lot of nails, since he was worried about it being pulled off the wall, but once the books are on the shelves, you can't see any nails, so it doesn't matter. Bonus: since I used silver spray paint, it kind of minimizes the look of the nails!

Insert books and you're done!

Let's see if this will help my crazy kiddo stay in her room quietly for 30 minutes...

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