Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tot School: W is for Winter

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(Sora is 34 months old)

We have had to restructure tot school lately with the addition of the 16 mo. old that we now watch 3 full days per week. This means that we've gone back to the basics a bit, but Sora doesn't seem to mind. While she still has her trays and sensory bin, they are mostly away while he is awake in favor of younger trays and a more simple sensory bin. Their favorite bin at the moment is just a tub full of dried oatmeal. They've also really enjoyed a bin full of pom poms as well.

With less attention on structured activities, Sora has done less "paperwork" and more activities, which I think we both are enjoying.

 She's really taken to her "big kid knitting" project, inspired by this idea.

I've incorporated some of her tot school into our advent chain. Here she is making an ornament. I can't remember where this is from, but it's such a simple idea that worked so well for her age!
 She also pulled the "play with snow indoors" chain, which meant she and the younger toddler got to play with a tray full of shaving cream. They both loved it. Later that same day, she got to paint with shaving cream mixed with elmer's glue. I painted a snowman, while her painting was more free form.

 Here we are building a snowman and then playing roll for a snowman.
 Sora loves to cut! I found some scissors made by Melissa and Doug that are the safest safety scissors I've seen. Which is a good thing because she's already tried to cut her hair with them. They don't work well on actual paper though, unless they're at just the right angle.
 Sora loves all gluing projects. We made a card for her uncle who turns 40 soon.
 In preparation for winter, Sora and I (mostly I) have been stringing cheerios to make a garland to hang outside. We eat some, we string some. This is a project Sora loves "watching".
 And this is actually from last year, but I was impressed when we pulled out our ornaments from the basement and Sora said immediately "I made that star." Okay, it was a pretty lucky guess, but it looks like a great project to try with the kids again soon!

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