Friday, December 30, 2011

Topsy Turvy Dolls

Finally inspired to make another doll after several semi-failed attempts, I chose to make the Margot doll from Wee Wonderful's book for my niece. Sora played with the doll, even naming it Emily Elizabeth, before sending it off to her cousin. I was able to secretly make another for Sora also.

 In order to make Sora's doll more quickly, I took some liberties with fusible tape rather than hand stitching all the clothes together. It worked well and looked fine! I also used marker for the face rather than embroidering it like I did for the first doll.

 Here is the first Margot. I used boucle yarn for the hair, which was very time consuming and hard to pull through with the needle.

Interestingly, each girl has a side of their doll that they strongly prefer, so there isn't much "dressing up" and "dressing down" going on, but they both love their little dolls, which is all that I can ask for!

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