Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pettiskirt Success!

 Sometimes, it's hard to remember my crazy daughter is still only two. Her third birthday is rapidly approaching, and I'm in the midst of making her birthday outfit. I tried the no-sew tutu last year and wasn't very pleased with the results - it was always very static-y and never laid very well. It turned into a big ball of tulle. This year, I decided to go for the real deal and make an actual pettiskirt, using this tutorial as inspiration.

I ended up buying the chiffon rolls which are indicated in the tutorial, which was very convenient, but I didn't have any left over to work on tension! There wasn't any special instruction on tension or sewing in the tutorial, and I had a very hard time! I spent a week on this skirt, and most of it was repeating the same mistake over and over. I even swore off chiffon at one point and decided I need a new machine for my birthday (which still may be true - the machine I use is older than I am). I finally figured out, that for my machine at least, the tension needed to be just less than the mid-point (4 of 10) and that I needed to significantly increase the pressure on the presser foot. Once I figured all that out (by the time the skirt was almost done sadly), it was smooth sailing!

My daughter obviously has a purple obsession (I'm not sure where she gets that from) and loves the skirt. It has great flow and is perfect for all the spinning and twirling that she does!

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  1. The skirt turned out great. Sofa is a beautiful model