Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Easy Spring Top Tutorial

 Here is the tutorial of the simple spring top, as promised. I made another version for my niece, but decided to leave the buttons off, since they were more decorative than functional (and because I didn't have enough fabric). Read more for the rest.

For this 4T top, I used the cut the following:
2 - 9" lengths of bias tape for shoulders
3" x 24" bodice and lining
8" x 34" bottom
34" bias tape for bottom

With 1/2" seams
Sew the shoulder bias tape shut along one long edge. For extra fanciness, top stitch other long edge as well.
 Carefully pin the bias tape in-between the bodice and lining, with right sides together. I measured 3" from the ends, as well as 3" from the middle. There was about 5.5" between the shoulders in the front and back. Baste into place. CHECK the length of each shoulder to make sure they're the same. I was going for 7.75" each. Once these look good, do a final sew or serger around the entire top edge.
Sew the side seams together and turn out right. It should look something like this. For extra fanciness, topstitch around the entire bodice. For the 4T, this should measure 11.5" (23" around).
 Sew the side seam together on the bottom piece and gather along the top to fit the bodice.
 With right sides together, sew into place. Sew the bias tape into a long tube, measuring the same as the bottom piece. Sew onto bottom of shirt using zig zag stitch.
Voila! Easy peasy lemon squeezie! Go outside and enjoy your very warm spring.

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