Sunday, April 22, 2012

J Crew Inspired Dress

 I love the idea of using commercial dresses as inspiration for beautiful handmade dresses. My problem is that I'm picky and usually don't like most dresses. When I saw this Chambray Tunic at Crew Cuts, I knew I had met my match! Of course, it's already off the J Crew website, so I'm lucky I saw it last week. I pulled out some vintage teal dot fabric and set right to work.

I love it! I love the double stitch detail on the pockets and all the contrasting stitching. Unfortunately for me, Sora is already turning into a teenager who only sometimes appreciates her mama's hard work. I did finally convince her to work with me on a scientific experiment to see how much each pocket held, which meant she had to actually put it on.

She fit an average of 4 toys in each pocket. Hopefully her love of pockets will get her to wear this cute dress a little more often!

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