Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Road Trip: Doll Picnic Table

In order for the dolls to eat in style on the camping trip, they need their own picnic table of course! After searching for a great pattern or tutorial, I came up empty handed. I wanted something light and easy to make that didn't involve wood but was sturdy enough for the three year old to use. I ended up drawing my own template, and used mat board and a sharp X-Acto knife to cut out the 5 pieces. The only modification not shown on the template is that I made small notches on the top of each connecting piece (on the H leg piece) to ease it into the corresponding slot on the table top and bench. I found some wood grained looking paper and decided to modge podge it onto the board and then used modge podge to hold it all together (although it could easily be the kind of table that is collapsable instead). It was plenty stable before the modge podge, and even more stable now. I found some little plates with interchangeable food pieces at the Dollar Tree. I think they are supposed to be erasers, but they make great semi-healthy food for the dolls to take camping!

Here is the template for the table. Enjoy your feast little dolls!

(I should mention that the Road Trip: Camping doll series is designed for 1" scale dolls, such as Ryan's Room and Plan Toys dolls).

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