Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Road Trip: Magnetic Games

 One of my biggest secret weapons for this week long, 30 hour car ride, trip, is a magnet board. I have been feverishly working on games to play using this board and have come up with 6 adorable tins. As you can see, most are from repurposed altoid tins, spray painted gold, then modge podged with adorable paper and the title of the contents.

Here's a rundown (from top left, going clockwise): Caterpillar game (six colors of dots, roll dice and try to make a caterpillar with all six colors first), story dice (5 - 3/4" wooden blocks with various clip art pictures modge podged on), camping game pieces, magnetic pattern blocks (along with several pattern block sheets), make a face (various face parts from magazines laminated then glued onto magnet sheet and cut out), and pieces for bug hunt game and dots to play both a monster memory game and a "color" the rose game along with two-color dice for rose game. 

I printed a few other games from as well, without magnetic pieces. I found some plastic spinners at the local teacher store, so created a variety of spinning and dice games for us to play. My mom was kind enough to send me dozens of old calendar magnets which have been perfect for all of these magnetic projects. I am also addicted to spray adhesive which worked perfectly for spraying on the magnets, then placing the paper (like the game pieces and face pieces) on top of before cutting out. Hopefully all this work will actually pay off and my child will enjoy most of these games.

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