Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Mother of Inventions

One of the most interesting challenges about living in such a remote area is that when we need something, like say my husband places the pot holder on a very hot stove and burns it, I can't just run out to the store for a new one. Each trip is carefully calculated and I keep lists for weeks until we make it all the way to a store that carries what I am looking for.

My favorite answer to the unforeseen need, so far, is the scrap bin. I know every good crafter should have a bin of scraps from various projects, but before we moved here, I didn't have space to properly store these scraps. I ended up never using any because they were too inconvenient to rifle through, and the store was a five minute walk from my house.
Now, not only do I have new pot holders, which were free, but I got to practice machine quilting and sewing on binding, and I will be reminded of the projects that the scraps came from (a diaper bag and a pair of Kyle's pants) every time I use them. And yes, I do love a good silver lining.

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